Vol 44, Issue 6

July/August 2005

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From the Editor: Changing the Channel

by Nicole Wycislo, Managing Editor, Dateline Houston

Whew! Half of the year has passed. These past six months, I've have had the experience of being on the Discovery Channel of Life—learning new things, being creative, growing like a weed, and just having plain fun doing it. I've also experienced being stuck on the Comedy Channel of Life, where I conjured up laughing and other mixed emotions so I wouldn't lose my mind when I'm in the hamster's wheel, wondering how I can change the channel—and step off the wheel.

Now is a great time to determine what channel you're on—essentially to acknowledge where you are in regards to your goals for the year. Time to check your plan and see whether you've been truly working it or whether you've just been working. I'm re-evaluating my plan. I'm examining where I've been stopped in accomplishing some of my goals, and I'm taking steps to remove or overcome the stops. Most importantly, I'm acknowledging myself for what I have accomplished, telling the truth about what's so, and putting in corrections to support myself in changing the channel to one that will keep me in action and empowered for the next six months.

What channel are you on?

My best,


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