Vol 45, Issue 1

September/October 2005

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STC Houston - Dateline Houston - September/October 2005

From the Editor

Deadlines Aren't Really Dead

by Nicole Wycislo, Managing Editor, Dateline Houston

It's September, and October is just around the bend. Kids–big (like me) and small–are back to school, the weather is waiting for its turn to become cool, and the Great Pumpkin will soon show its funny face. For most of us, docs are scheduled for bed.

Speaking of doc schedules, I've often wondered why deadlines are "dead" versus "live" (as in lifelines). (Hey, if anyone knows why, drop me an e-mail!) Perhaps it is because people report feeling like they're dying while trying to meet deadlines. Over the years it seems like I've collapsed a lung or two to meet a project deadline. Surprisingly, I feel most alive after the project is laid to rest, on time. Deadlines are actually lifelines because they indicate when projects end and give rise to new ones; and who doesn't love new beginnings?

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