STC Houston - Dateline Houston - January/February 2006

Vol 45, Issue 3

January/February 2006

STC Houston - Dateline Houston - January/February 2006

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STC Houston - Dateline Houston - January/February 2006

Community Paragraphs

Report to STC Board of Directors Meeting

by Sherry Michaels, Director Region 5

Sherry Michaels

Happy Holidays! The season has been very busy! On November 11 and 12, the Region 5 conference was held in Mesa, Arizona, as the Phoenix Chapter, Instructional Design SIG, and volunteers from all over Region 5 joined in to make this the most successful local conference in recent memory. Congratulations to Karen Zorn, Jane Smith, and all the 30 or so volunteers that worked so hard to make the more than 100 attendees feel welcome, relaxed, and informed. It was a great conference. The formal reviews from attendees were excellent, and several people went out of their way to compliment me and the conference-management team on an extraordinary conference. It was a pleasure to see the volunteers recognized for all their hard work.

The Lone Star Chapter of Dallas, Texas, invited me to present a session about "Estimating Technical Training and Documentation Projects." I arrived the day after Dallas was hermetically sealed in ice (December 8, after the ice storm on December 7). Twenty-seven brave souls ventured out on Dallas highways to hear my presentation, and I promised them "meat"! As a result of this evening, and at the request of Mel Houghton and Louellen Coker, Robert Crump and I are devising a 4-hour workshop for Lone Star on project management for technical training and documentation projects. Stayed tuned for the February date, venue, and time, but I promise you "more meat"! I'm looking forward to seeing more of the good folks at the Lone Star Chapter, and if those of you elsewhere can make the drive or flight, join us!

If you are looking for a way to get your director involved, this is a good one. I love presentations, and I feel very comfortable speaking about leadership topics, STC, and project management of technical training and documentation projects. If you are interested in having me drop by and "sing for my supper," I'm happy to do so (unless, of course, I must actually sing. I can't carry a tune in a bucket, being hearing impaired since birth!).

We are gathering the chapter activity reports and putting them in order for our reports to the Board of Directors (BoD). We made some changes to the form so that they would be easier for chapter leaders to fill in and so that your voice is reflected in the communications to the BoD. We are improving communications from and to the BoD. You'll see more changes soon in this area.

The next board meeting is January 27 and 28 in Atlanta. Please remember that as members of STC, you are all welcome to join us in that meeting for everything except the executive votes on awards and nominations for Associate Fellow and Fellow (held privately in consideration for the candidates.) Your faces, questions, and solutions are welcome. Let us know, and we'll put another "pot of coffee on."

I hope you'll accept my very best wishes for a peaceful, loving, and cheerful holiday season. I look forward to meeting more of you in 2006!

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