STC Houston - Dateline Houston - January/February 2006

Vol 45, Issue 3

January/February 2006

STC Houston - Dateline Houston - January/February 2006

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STC Houston - Dateline Houston - January/February 2006

From the President

Happy New Year!

by Cindy Pao, Information Developer, BMC Software, Inc.

This month lets me reflect on the old year and toast the new year.

Remembering 2005

The second half of the 2004–2005 program year was a very successful time for our community. Here are some of the things we accomplished:

  • 2005 Employment Share-the-Knowledge (STK): About 50 people attended this full-day session in January that focused on employment and on helping consultants and independent contractors build their businesses.
  • STC Board Meeting: The STC board met in Houston in January, and STC Houston threw them a reception at the Canyon Café.
  • STC Houston Word Seminar: Region 8 Director Beau Cain educated Houston writers about the virtues of creating books in Microsoft Word.
  • Associate Fellows: Pat Bishop and Melanie Flanders were named STC Associate Fellows!
  • 2005 STC Houston Awards Banquet: A new location at the Houston Club brought glamour and fun to this annual event. Remember the lava cake?
  • New Member Luncheon: New members of STC Houston had lunch together and listened to Donna Marcotte talk about the virtues of being an STC Houston member.
  • CIC-SIG Workshop: STC Fellow Avon Murphy visited STC Houston to share his wisdom with our consultants and independent contractors.
  • High School Science Writing Competition: STC Houston awarded scholarship money, books, and gift cards to the winners!
  • Volunteer Recognition Event: Everyone who volunteered in STC Houston during the year was invited to the Houston Museum of Natural Science for lunch and an educational visit to the exhibits.
  • Distinguished Chapter Service Awards: Former STC Houston treasurer Wayne Schmadeka and STC Houston past president George Slaughter received this STC honor. Do you remember how surprised George looked?
  • 2005 STC Annual Conference: Eight STC Houston members presented sessions in Seattle, and STC Houston won Chapter of Distinction!
  • STC Houston End-of-Year Party: I got to recognize the admin council for all their hard work, and we named Jewel Darby Volunteer of the Year!
  • University of Houston-Downtown/STC Houston STK: Aggressive marketing by Dr. Ann Jennings and her Professional Writing Program crew, as well as scintilating speakers, led to one of the best-attended STKs ever.
  • Leadership Transition Meeting: Outgoing and incoming STC Houston administrative councils came together in June to plan for the 2005–2006 program year. Even a few new volunteers attended!

An Exciting Ride

After the leadership transition meeting, work on the 2005–2006 program year progressed quickly. Here's what we've done so far:

  • Innovative Thinking, Strategic Thinking, and Leadership STKs: STC 2nd Vice President (and still STC Houston member) Linda Oestreich returned to Houston from her home in California to help us remember how to be creative and innovative. Then she hung around a little longer to work with STC Houston leaders.
  • STC Houston program meetings: Dean Liscum recruited some timely and interesting speakers. And who can forget his speaker introductions?
  • Hurricane Relief Committee: STC Houston took the lead of a local committee chartered with providing help to victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
  • STC Houston Budgets: The administrative council created and approved budgets for almost all of our community activities.
  • STC Competitions: STC Houston found a trading partner, collected a record number of local entries, judged entries from STC Atlanta, and sent out banquet invitations.
  • 2006 Employment STK: Planning for this annual STC Houston event got underway.
  • 2006 STC Annual Conference: Several STC Houston members learned that they will be presenters in Las Vegas.

The year 2005 was, indeed, an exciting year for STC Houston. I am honored to have been your leader for both halves of the year.

Looking Forward to 2006

Do I want to keep this momentum in 2006? You bet I do!

Taking the Chapter of Distinction award at the 2005 annual conference is one moment I won't forget soon. The dedication and hard work of every volunteer in our community makes the award so sweet!

I'm looking forward to 2006, and I hope you share my enthusiasm. It's our combined enthusiasm that makes STC Houston successful. So join me in a toast: Here's to STC Houston in 2006. Cheers!

Keep in Touch

If you have ideas or want to help out, let me know. My e-mail address is

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